“Help us to the full extent please”, Sri Lanka LoP Sajith Premadasa urges to PM Modi!


Sri Lanka is facing a foreign exchange shortage, which has, incidentally, affected its capacity to import food and fuel, leading to the power cuts in the country. Inflation rates are skyrocketing. The shortage of essential goods forced Sri Lanka to seek assistance from friendly countries.

Speaking to ANI, the Opposition leader Sajith Premdasa to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, “Please try and help Sri Lanka to the maximum possible extent. This is our motherland and we need to save it.” While responding to the parties’ readiness to participate in an election, if it takes place, Mr. Premadasa said that he and his party are ready to contest the election.

Due to a shortage of basic products, Sri Lanka was forced to seek aid from friendly countries. 26 members of Sri Lanka’s Cabinet resigned on Sunday, amid mounting public outrage over the government’s handling of the country’s economic crisis.


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