More horrific scene than Butcha awaits at Borodyanka


The whole world was shocked to see the brutality of the Russian forces in the Ukrainian city of Bucha. On Tuesday, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said the situation in the Ukrainian city of Borodyanka or the cities from which the Russian forces have moved away was worse than in Bucha. In a video message, Zelensky claimed that the number of civilians tortured and killed in those cities were several times higher than in Bucha. The manner in which Russian forces have shown atrocities in these areas would also put to shame the Nazi atrocities.

On Sunday, the of the Russian military’s horrific crackdown on the Ukrainian city of Bucha became public. One after another mass grave, the deaths of more than 300 civilians, the burning swastika marks on the bodies of the women and even the marks of torture are evident on the genitals of a 10-year-old girl. Seeing this, a storm of criticism has arisen in the world. A member of Ukraine’s parliament condemned the Russian military’s crackdown, saying even children had not been spared the lure of the Russian military. In a video message, the Ukrainian president said, “We want to bring to all the details of how the people of Borodyanka and other cities like Bucha were tortured by the Russian forces to the media. We want journalists to come to all these cities. Let the world know what Russia has done to our beloved Ukraine.”

At the same time, however, Zelensky fears that Russia could use all its power to try to erase all traces of this tortures. Ukraine’s president has warned that they could even distort information. He called on the world’s most powerful nations to send more weapons to Ukraine to defend Russian forces. He says Ukraine does not have the necessary weapons. If we had, things like Bucha and Borodyanka would not have happened.


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