Ration dealers are going to sit in protest since from Monday onwards


From today, all the ration dealers in the state are going to sit to protest in front of the food department for indefinitely. On April 1, the Ration Dealers informed Food Minister Rathin Ghosh about their program in a letter from the Joint Forum for West Bengal Ration Dealers. They have informed the food minister that they have organized such a program demanding 24 points.

In the letter, they said, “We are continuing to sit to protest and we intend to continue this sort until our problems are properly addressed.” Ration dealers further wrote, “Over the last several months, our business has become increasingly unprofitable and it has become increasingly difficult for us to make end meet for us. Impossible orders are constantly being imposed on us unilaterally and your office has adopted a vindictive attitude.”

Dealers are angry with the state food department over the lack of administrative arrangements and fair pay, informed Vishwambhar Basu, general secretary of the organization. He said, “The ration system will collapse in the coming days as the food department is imposing one after another directive on the ration dealers.

We want all issues to be resolved through fair negotiations. Despite repeated letters and drawing the attention of food minister and officials, none of our demands have been met.” There are 22,000 ration dealers in the state under the Joint Forum for West Bengal Ration Dealers. They claimed that ration dealers from different parts of the state are going to come and join them.

Ration dealers have also objected to Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee’s project ‘ration at door’. According to some of the ration dealers, the ration dealers who took part in the trial of ‘the ration at door’ scheme have not yet received their dues. One of the 24 demands they have started is to give proper commission to the ration dealers.

At the government level, every order or instruction has to be given in written form. Instruction can not be given in any kind of WhatsApp message. Ration dealers also demanded that rations will be provided for the first two weeks and last week of the month and leave in the middle of the week. Leave must be granted for optional or family difficulties. In case of blocked ration card, if KYC is done, it should be opened immediately. In that case ration dealers should not be pressured.


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