Sayantan is uneeded in state BJP, the old eader has no place in 108 member working committee


After being dropped from the BJP’s state committee, Sayantan Basu who is known as the old leader of the party, was dropped from the state work committee too. On Monday evening, state BJP president Sukanta Majumder announced the list of 108 members of the National Working Committee (Jatio Karma Samiti). Sayantan’s name is not in that list.

When Dilip Ghosh, the current all-India vice-president of the BJP, was the state president Sayantan was the state general secretary for a long time. Beside Sayantan, two other state general secretaries, Sanjay Singh and Rathindra Bose, were dropped also from Sukanta’s new committee, but were given other responsibilities. But Sayantan was not kept in any responsibility. But even after that, Sayantan was seen campaigning for BJP in Bidhannagar. It was thought that Sayantan would get a place in the working committee even if he was not in the state committee. Pratap Bandyopadhyay, who was dropped from the state committee, and many others, including Sawar Dhanadhania, were given seats in the state working committee, but Sayantan got none.

Incidentally, on the day Sayantan’s name was dropped from the state committee, two Trinamool MLAs had a long meeting with Sayantan at his house. Then there is speculation that will Sayantan leave the BJP and join the TMC? After that, when a section of the BJP had a different attitude against the party, Sayantan was also a part of that.

Sayantan was also seen at a meeting in Kolkata led by MP and Union Minister Shantanu Tagore and in a picnic in Banga. He has been seen meeting Jayaprakash Majumdar, who has just joined the ruling party after turning away from BJP. Despite this, Sayantan made it clear that he was not leaving BJP. But now there is a new hint in the equation of state politics as Sayantan’s name is not even in the State Working Committee. If so, is the state BJP creating distance with Sayantan?


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