TMC councillor sings National Anthem wrongly! “Illiterate morons”, slams Shuvendu


Trinamool was accused of insulting the national anthem. Opposition leader Shuvendu Adhikari held a meeting in Kanthi town on Sunday and apologized. At a protest rally on Thursday, Trinamool councillor Rina Das was accused of misquoting the national anthem. At the counter-meeting, Shuvendu said, “Semi-educated, traitors do such things. You have insulted the national anthem. At the same time, the name of Bhumi Kanthi, land of our freedom struggle, has spread all over India. Everyone is saying that the national anthem has been insulted in Kanthi. Insulting the national anthem is only possible for the TMC.” He added, “We believe in patriotic nationalism. I believe in pluralism. The country is before us. We sang the national anthem in front of our tricolor national flag and the picture of Mother India and apologized for the insult.”

It is to be noted that Trinamool’s clash with Shuvendu in Kanthi town is not a new issue now. The Trinamool Congress on Thursday took to the streets in protest of the price hike. At the end of the procession Trinamool leadership held a meeting. And it was in that meeting that incident happened. Fisheries Minister Akhil Giri was present at the meeting. At the end of the program in his presence the other leaders sang the national anthem. Mic was in the hands of newly elected councillor Rina Das. And she sang the national anthem in the wrong tune. The Trinamool councillor fell victim to the trolls of netizens after the video went viral on social media. Opposition leader’s younger brother Soumendu Adhikari later filed a case in Kanthi police station for insulting the national anthem.


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