Tug-of-war continues in TMC, Haringhata mayor changed in the last moment!


There was a tug-of-war over the post of mayor in Haringhata municipality. Such incidents have taken place in the posts of mayor and deputy mayor. It ignited strong political rumors among the municipality. The name of the mayor of Haringhata has changed at the last moment. Debashis Basu, former chief municipal administrator, was elected mayor at the first meeting of the newly formed municipality board here.

The deputy mayor is Sanjeev Ram, the former mayor. However, former deputy mayor Rajiv Dalal did not hold any of the two posts. How exactly did it happen ? According to Trinamool Congress sources, there was a tug-of-war over the post of mayor. In this situation, the direction of the state leadership comes, the chief and deputy administrator of the previous municipal administration board will be the mayor and deputy mayor respectively.

Prior to the decision, the state leadership had said that Sanjeev Ram would be the mayor and Rajiv Dalal would be the deputy mayor. Where Sanjeev Ram was the Deputy Mayor in the past. But then everything changed. Why did such a change take place overnight? Two factions of the Trinamool Congress are active in Haringhata. One group: Southern Organizing District President Ratna Ghosh. And the second group: Haringhata block president Chanchal Debnath. Conflicts between the two groups have led to changes that appear to be affecting the work.


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