Workers of closed factories are getting allowance over 500 Cr, claims CM Mamata Banerjee


At a time Jyoti Basu’s government started a project on behalf of the workers of closed factories. But it was alleged more than once that the benefits of the project did not reach the workers of at all. But in the last 11 years, during the tenure of Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, the workers of closed factories have received around Rs 500 crore. According to the Labor Department, the department has already spent over Rs 50 crore in this sector in the last financial year.

Starting from the tea gardens in North Bengal, 26,000 workers of 175 closed small and medium enterprises spread across the state are getting the benefit of this allowance. At the same time, on the instructions of the Chief Minister, the workers of these closed factories get an additional one month allowance per year before Durga Pujo or Eid. Workers from the two largest companies, Jessup and Dunlop, were not once part of the Labor Department’s project. Hundreds of workers of the two closed companies were given an allowance of Rs 10,000 per month by the state industry department.

According to the Labor Department, a total of 239 closed factory workers were given allowances in the CPIM era, but now the number of those factories has come down to 194. However, some changes have been made in the rules for payment of allowance for another six months after the commencement of the factory concerned. It is now two months instead of six months.


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