’You have to come in TMC’, important evidence in Tapan Kandu’s murder case


‘You have to come to Trinamool.’ That is what someone is saying on the phone. Another audio clip in the murder case of Councillor Tapan Kandu of Jhalda Ward No. 2 has come to light. In that audio, a conversation of a person with Tapan Kandu is being heard. And there Tapan Kandu is being told, he has to join to Trinamool. He is being threatened. Although the authenticity of the audio clip has not verified yet. It became known that Amal Kandu, a Trinamool activist of Jhalda Ward No. 12, made that call to Tapan Kandu. He made this threat on the phone. Amal also admitted later about the calling.

It is heard in that audio clip that Tapan Kandu is talking about giving money. Later, Amal threatened, “Don’t heat up my mind. You have to come to the Trinamool.’ Regarding the audio, Amal Kandu said that Tapan had given money to a worker during the election and without taking the money, Amal was accused of taking it. He called to say it. And then he was heard speaking in a threatening tone. He could not give a clear answer as to why he made such a threat. Earlier, a similar allegation was made against the IC of Jhalda police station. He also alleged that he was pressuring Tapan Kandu to join the Trinamool.

The discomfort of the district Trinamool has naturally increased as this audio has come to the forefront. In this context, Trinamool state general secretary Kunal Ghosh said that there can be many equations in any local election. But it remains to be seen whether anyone is using that equation to satisfy personal anger. Regarding this Lef front leader Sujan Chakraborty said, “There is nothing new to say. The ruling party’s goal is to either bring it to the Trinamools or have to remove it.’

The court has directed the CBI to probe the Tapan Kandu murder case. The Calcutta High Court issued the order on Monday. The court directed to hand over all the documents in the hands of the state police to the CBI immediately. The court said that the order was issued to restore faith in the minds of people.


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