Akshay Kumar has extra inches compared to other Bollywood actors, which embarrassed him.

Twinkle Khanna has always been known for her free nature. He can be a great example of 'talking without thinking'. And when it came to 'Coffee With Karan', Akshay Kumar was embarrassed! He made some comments that made Karan Johar's 'Controversy King' look like yes.

Twinkle Khanna is a very close friend of Karan Johar. But he has never been seen on the show 'Coffee With Karan' before.

As the reason said, Akshay was afraid to come to this show or he would start talking with the word P * nis. Which Akshay also accepts. Said, I am just afraid of what he says. On top of that, there is no point in having a show like 'Coffee with Karan'.

In the Rapid Fire round, Karan asks Twinkle, "What is there in Akshay that the Khans don't have?" Twinkle says, "Hey, I'm talking vertically." Then Karan asks, "Does he want to ban it?" Did you catch the hint?

When Akshay proposed marriage to Twinkle, the actress-writer said that they will get married only if the picture flops, eventually the picture flops and they get married. And Twinkle once said that she made Akshay her boyfriend for 15 days. Then they decided to get married after being together for some time.


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