Umran Malik is breaking his own record! He bowled the loudest in the IPL this time

Umran Malik is cutting the current IPL in a mixed form. Ever garnering praise for speed. Doing great bowling. Taking multiple wickets. Sometimes losing control over the line length of the ball. Beating badly. He set a record in it today.

He had the record of making the fastest ball in IPL 2022. Earlier, he had the fastest ball in the current IPL against Gujarat at a speed of 154 kmph, surpassing Kiwi pacer Lucky Ferguson. 

Today, Umran broke his own record by bowling at a speed of 155 kmph. Umran then set a new record by hitting the fourth ball in the final over of the match at a speed of 156 km per hour.

However, the Sunrisers did not gain much. Because he gave a total of 19 runs in the last over of the Delhi innings. Umran has been spending a lot of runs for the last two matches.
But before that, Umran took 5 wickets for 25 runs against Gujarat Titans, which is the best bowling figure of any bowler in IPL 2022. He also took 4 wickets for 26 runs against Punjab Kings.


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