Comedian Rajpal Yadav finally leaves Bollywood and chooses old career, tumultuous viral video

Comedian means a person who makes people laugh through his speech and gestures. In Tollywood and Bollywood movies, different people are often seen playing the role of comedians. 

But the most popular face among them is the famous comedian actor Rajpal Yadav. It's hard to find people who don't know him. He is a familiar face in Bollywood. In the viral video, the actor was seen being beaten.

A recent video that has gone viral shows Rajpal Yadav going to work in the field with a load on his head. Rajpal Yadav went to meet him saying 'Mota Bhai Namaste' but after that he had to be beaten. 

Before I panic, let me tell you that this incident is a very funny video, made by comedian Rajpal Yadav on the occasion of World Laughter Day to give as a gift to everyone.

The actor shared the video and wrote, “Some fun videos for World Laughter day! Stay tuned! After writing the caption "Be someone's reason to smile", he gave a little smiley emoji. 

He shot the video with a few people then shared the video from his own Instagram page called Rajpal Official and already around two and a half lakh people have liked the video and a lot of people have commented on this video.


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