DJ version of Saami Saami song at the event house

The fact that human age is just a number has been proven time and time again on social media. Many people have taught people how to enjoy life at an early age.

 Recently, such a video has gone viral on social media. Even at this age, netizens are shocked to see the energy of this old sister.

In the video, an old lady Dida is seen dancing to the tune of 'Saami Saami' from the movie Pushpa at a function house. 

Dida hit sixes in each beat of the DJ. She is wearing a sari a little higher like Rashmika. She has even been seen doing signature steps like Ray.

Heavy noise is taking her on social media after seeing her energetic dance performance. The movie 'Pushpa' was released on December 16 last year. Netizens are fascinated by the great performances of Allu Arjun and Rashmika Mandana. 

Besides, every song and dialogue of this movie has become very famous. But even though so many months have passed since the release of the film, every song and dialogue of this film is still popular among the viewers.

Even today, everyone from ordinary people to celebrities are making reel videos using these songs. Recently, a video of this sister dancing went viral.


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