“I was not treated properly”, Chris Gayle made explosive remarks about not playing IPL!

Chris Gayle is one of the few cricketers in the history of world cricket to have played to make people happy. His colorful life off the field is always a matter of practice, just as a bat makes a storm. 

He speaks Universe Boss. Not to be confused with the rest. Over the years, the influence, prestige, popularity of the IPL has increased.

Universe boss Chris Gayle has made a huge contribution to this IPL fame. However, he did not give his name in the auction this season. Why Gayle suddenly became reluctant to play in the IPL, the theory was coming up. 

This time Gayle opened his mouth. According to the West Indies legend, he did not get a name in the IPL because he did not get the respect he deserved. He said that the way the IPL has been going on in the last two years, he has not been treated properly.

In an interview, Chris Gayle said, "Even after doing so much for the IPL, they don't give me the respect I deserve. I don't think there's any need to get into the draft. Although Gayle has played only 16 matches in the last two seasons, he has scored 4975 runs at an average of 146.98 in 142 matches in his IPL career. 

Gayle's bat also came up with the highest ever score of 175 in an innings in IPL. Gayle, however, has announced that he will return to the IPL next year.


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