Leaving his job, he concentrated on jackfruit cultivation and earned crores of rupees


James Joseph, a 49-year-old resident of Kochi, Kerala, wanted to quit his job in a good position and establish himself in business, so he turned his attention to agriculture.

One day he ate mushrooms and meat with his friend. He thinks that jackfruit is more beneficial than meat. So he asked the hotel chef who ate at the hotel why jackfruit was not used.

They told him that jackfruit smells and is not used for eighteen. Moreover, jackfruit is not available throughout the year. Then he thought about how to provide jackfruit all year round. If the jackfruit is kept properly in the fridge, it can be stored year after year.

 In 2013, he started a company called 'Jackfruit 365'. And there he started processing jackfruit. He also made a glue from jackfruit, which is used to make bread from northern India and dhosa from southern India. This is how you are earning lakhs of rupees.


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