The boy is the king of Bollywood in his own work today, who could not earn even 50 rupees a day!

Bollywood's journey was not so easy for an actor. Today, Shah Rukh Khan owns hundreds of crores of rupees from ordinary people from very poor families. As a child he lived with his parents in a rented house in Delhi. 

Shah Rukh Khan was very talented in studies from a young age. He played great hockey and football. He got so involved in acting that he dropped out of school and joined the theater.

One bad news after another kept coming in Shah Rukh's life. Her father died of cancer. Shortly afterwards, his mother also passed away. 

Leaving his parents, he became a kind of helpless king of Bollywood. It was very difficult for him to earn only 50 rupees. Gradually he started working in small roles in TV serials.

Shah Rukh made his acting debut in a movie called 'Kavi Ha Kavi Na'. And by doing this he got 25 thousand rupees. The actor left five years of hard life and started a new life.

 Shah Rukh Khan starred opposite Divya Bharati and Rishi Kapoor in his first film 'Diwana'. This picture is a super duper hit. He won several awards for his photography.


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