Cyclone ‘Ashani’ has formed in the Bay of Bengal, advising farmers to harvest all their paddy in advance.


A cyclone called ‘Ashani’ is brewing in the Bay of Bengal. The Meteorological Department has forecast heavy rains with thunderstorms on May 10-13 in the Gangetic districts of West Bengal.

The Meteorological Department said on Sunday morning that a deep depression had formed near the Andamans, which was gradually turning into a cyclone. In the words of Mausam Bhaban, the cyclone named ‘Ashani’ is moving towards the coast at a speed of 18 km per hour along the north-west Bay of Bengal.

Mausam Bhavan had earlier said that there was no possibility of the cyclone ‘Ashani’ coming towards the coast of West Bengal but Navanna had already issued a warning without taking any risk.

On Sunday, they said Ashani was 1,030 km from Puri and 960 km from Visakhapatnam. ‘Ashani’ is likely to hit the coasts of Orissa and Andhra Pradesh by Tuesday, May 10. Due to ‘Ashin’, a lot of rain has been forecast in Bengal.

The West Bengal government has already warned all the farmers due to the forecast of heavy rains.
Nabanna advised the farmers to cut all the paddy so as not to cause any damage to their crops.

It has been reported from Nabanna that the farmers have to store all the ripe grains before harvesting. Besides, the West Bengal government has suggested measures to remove the stagnant water from the crops from which vegetables, oil is produced and also from the pulses cultivation land.

Nabanna has also issued several warnings about the possibility of papaya and banana fruits being damaged by the storm.


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