‘Eat a little Horlicks if you need to’, I will publicly troll Soham on her wedding anniversary! Viral picture


Actor Deb asked actor Soham Chakraborty to eat Horlicks. But why? In fact, the whole incident is a funny thing. November 23 was the eighth wedding anniversary of actor Soham Chakraborty and his wife Tania Chakraborty.

And that is why Soham posted a picture on Twitter with his wife. He also wrote a very romantic caption on his eight-year wedding anniversary. The caption reads, “Eight years have passed.

There are still many years to go. Thanks Puchku for everything. I love you. ‘ The couple’s post, however, was flooded with love and good wishes.

Actor Deb made the funniest comment there. He writes, ‘Be careful to spend another eighty years. Don’t go too far. Take care of yourself. Eat a little Horlicks if needed.

‘Then he gave a funny emoji. He also conveyed a lot of love and greetings to the two of them. You take care of yourself too. ‘The actor also added some happy emojis. Their fans can be seen doing various things in this comment session.

By the way, Sof bjam Chakraborty has been famous in Tolly Para since his childhood as a child artist. One of his dialogues as a child artist in the movie ‘Chhoto Boo’ is very popular.

With this dialogue, the actor has had to endure a lot of memes and trolls. This time Dev also had fun with his teammates in the cine world. Of course, the followers of the two stars are enjoying it on social media.


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