‘I will even see in Rukmini, which was not in anyone else’! Dev’s first heroine composition is a question of regret


Rachna Banerjee, everyone’s favorite sister. She is the main host of Didi Number One, a popular show of Zee Bangla. Performed there for many years. The audience doesn’t even want to see anyone else in his place.

He has won the hearts of everyone there. Didi Rachna Banerjee spoke to everyone on the popular reality show Didi Number One and highlighted everyone’s misery through decades of play. The main purpose of the reality show is to show the audience how people face difficult situations and turn around again.

Apur Sansar is a popular reality show aired on Zee Bangla. Where the main conductor was Shashat Chatterjee. He asks the composition a question through play.

The popular moderator said, “Suppose you are a tropical page three reporter for a day, a question for Dev, which you want to ask Dev directly.” Can’t you see in the others? ‘

By going somewhere in these words, one can know the latent desire of the mind of the composition. Rachna Banerjee herself was the first heroine to give the biggest word.

They both made a flop movie called ‘Agneepath’. Rachna also said that Rachna got married soon after this movie, whether he found out or asked in a sad voice, ‘You are getting married !!’


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