Katmani in Tollywood now! If you don’t give 5 lakh, the work will not match, explosive lights


Nearly all of you are familiar with such advertisements or offers that will work if you give money. Getting a train or a government job with money also comes to the fore occasionally!

But you know, the same thing happened with ‘Felna’ famous actress Roshni Tanvi Bhattacharya. That is what Roshni’s mother said when she came on the stage of ‘Didi No. 1’. The mother-daughter is wandering in the hope of fulfilling her dream.

Many auditions did not help. Then one likes Roshni and promises work, instead demanding 5 lakh rupees. However, after bargaining, that 5 lakh came down to 50 thousand. But Roshni’s mother did not want her daughter to work like this.

So he decided not to pay. At that time, Roshni wanted to commit suicide. Roshni’s mother came holding her throat while talking about her daughter’s struggle. The host of the show Rachna Banerjee was also surprised.

Roshni was seen in the 'Heartbreaking BA Pass' series before playing the role of Shruti in Felna. In both the series, the viewers remember Roshni's performance. Occasionally, news of Roshni's relationship with Surya alias Divyajyoti Dutt of 'Anurag's Touch' spread. 

They even posted videos of themselves exercising together. However, they stopped arguing by calling each other friends. Since then, he has tried to avoid posting pictures together on social media.


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