Mohun Bagan’s I-League winning coach Kibu Vikuna takes charge of MP Abhishek Banerjee’s team ‘Diamond Harbor Football Club’


The speculation had been going on for some time. The Diamond Harbor Football Club, which has just made its debut in Kolkata football, is going to make a big announcement this time by putting an end to that speculation.

Diamond Harbor Football Club, which has responded under the patronage of Abhishek Banerjee, is coaching former Mohun Bagan I-League winning coach Kibu Vikuna. The news will soon be officially announced at a press conference by the club’s patron MP Abhishek Banerjee. That is the news.

On the day of Holy Boishakh, the poles of the club were solemnly worshiped at the Butter field. Diamond Harbor Football Club is going to make their home ground in this field. From the announcement of the name of the club to the release of Theme Singh – there was a touch of surprise.

The newly formed club has been cleared by the IFA to play in the first division of the Kolkata League a few days ago. This time DHFC is also going to give a surprise in the announcement of the coach. It is learned that Krishnendu Roy will be in the coaching staff even if he is the Kibu coach.

Kibu will be in charge of the whole football issue. Krishnendu Roy, one of the famous football stars of the field, will be given as his assistant. Officials are also talking to multiple stars as footballers. There are also footballers playing in the three main ones.

Why foreign coaches in the first division! According to sources, the club’s top leaders have plans to play in the ISL in the next few years, even though they have started playing in the first division of the Kolkata League.

Kibu Vikuna knows Kolkata football as well as Indian football like the palm of his hand in terms of coaching in I-League, ISL. In 2019, Mohun Bagan brought Kibu Vikuna as his coach.

In the first year, the club won the I-League and became the jewel in the eyes of the fans. The following year, however, Kibu was released due to Mohun Bagan’s attachment to Attic. After the annexation, it was given to Boss Habas. Kibu moved to Kerala.

However, success like I-League did not come in ISL. After finishing the ISL episode, Kibu finally returned to LK Ludz, playing in the Polish league. However, this time the star coach is waiting for the time to set foot in India again.


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