‘There Are No Magic Wands, Time to Repay Debt to Party’: Sonia Gandhi Ahead of Chintan Shivir


Sonia Gandhi on Monday said self-criticism is needed in party forums but it should not be done to erode self-confidence and morale. The Congress president asserted that it is time “to repay our debt to the party”.

The Congress president, Sonia Gandhi, addressing delegates at the party’s annual plenary session in Udaipur, urged party leaders to introspect. “Self-criticism is needed in our party forums but it should not be done to erode self-confidence and morale,” she said. “It is time that we repay debt to the party.”

Sonia Gandhi has said that it is time for self-criticism in Congress forums, but it should not be to erode self-confidence and morale.”There are no magic wands; it will take hard work, sweat, struggle and commitment,” she said.Being asked about the organisational polls at a press conference here ahead of her party’s plenary session on May 15, she said “there is something called inner party democracy” and there should be discussion within Congress Working Committees without any fear or favour.”We are going through a difficult phase (but) we must rise above all these things. I am confident that every one of us will sink ourselves in the great task before us”, she stressed.

Seemingly bidding goodbye to the idea of a Rahul Gandhi-led central leadership, party chief Sonia Gandhi on Monday said it is time to repay the debt to the party and there are no “magic wands” to revive the Congress. Amid rising criticism from within over its present leadership and revival strategy for general elections, Sonia said there will be both “positive and negative corrections” at Udaipur session of AICC’s Chintan Shivir as she made it clear that she will assume both responsibility and accountability for whatever happens during her tenure as party president.

In his opening remarks at the first session of the Congress Working Committee (CWC) meeting, party chief Rahul Gandhi had said that self-criticism should be done for growing in political thinking with a sense of responsibility and leadership. There were no magic wands, he had said.

Sonia Gandhi today said there are no magic wands to revive the Congress party and its leaders need to do more introspection to realise their mistakes so that they can chart the path to revival.


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