39 student ‘positive’ after getting jabbed!

39 student 'positive' after getting jabbed!

Susmita Nandi, DNI: 39 people reported positive at the Government Medical Hospital on Monday, who had completed two doses of the vaccine. They all are medical students. The first batch came in between June 1-5.
The second batch came on June 6, there were about 175 students and on that same day the first covid report came out. With the covid cases deep and rise with each passing month, new and fresh cases came up. This created tension as predictions are made that the third wave will hit in between a couple of weeks. However, three batches of students are staying back on campus as the examination goes further. On the other hand, 17 more medical students of Dental college Medical college are tested positive.
Speaking about the medical students’ case, it began to escalate, on July 17. All the students were tested and 20 were found to be positive.
A hospital authority told PTI, “A total of 39 medical students have tested positive for COVID-19 since June 6. All of them had taken two doses of the vaccine,”
However, the question remains even after their second dose how is it possible to get covid positive despite the vaccination?


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