5G in India Soon? Jio trials with Oppo raises hope

5G in India Soon? Jio trials with Oppo raises hope

5G in India might soon be a reality as Jio conducts 5G trails with Oppo Reno6 smartphones with positive results.

India which happens to be one of the largest consumers of the internet in the world just moved one step closer to the 5G adoption as Jio has run trials of a standalone 5G network with Oppo Reno6. Sources say that this trial has produced positive outcomes and might be a major step towards creating the 5G ecosystem in India which in turn will enhance the user experience of 5G as and when major 5G rollouts happen. This trial has been conducted with SA or Stand-Alone 5G network at Jio 5G Lab in Mumbai. This is one of the initial 5G tests that are conducted on SA Network as opposed to the previous trials that were conducted on NSA or Non-Stand-Alone networks.

What are SA and NSA Networks and why the trial with SA is such a big deal?
NSA or Non-Stand-Alone networks typically rely on existing 4G infrastructure that currently provides 4G connectivity to VoLTE enabled smartphones. This is ideally applicable and makes it easy to roll out 5G by piggybacking on the existing 4G infrastructure. However other remote areas with little to no 4G connectivity infrastructure will largely benefit from the deployment of SA Networks which uses newer exclusive 5G compliant hardware.

Tasleem Arif, VP, and R&D Head Oppo India was quoted saying “As a 5G pioneer, OPPO India is working relentlessly to accelerate 5G deployment and its accessibility for all. Our 5G standalone network trial for Reno6 Series with Jio is part of our in-depth research in the 5G era towards ensuring a better experience for the users. The successful validation of Reno6 Series devices on the 5G SA network of Jio is testimony to our commitment as a company to bring cutting-edge technology to our customers.”

Incidentally, Oppo is also the first mobile device to have tested 5G early on by testing a WhatsApp Video call over a 5G network. Other than collaborating with Jio 5G network for the early trials Oppo has also established a 5G innovation lab in Hyderabad which currently owns several patents associated with 5G globally.

How is 5G superior to existing 4G technology?

Since 5G stands for 5th Generation of Mobile network it packs in exponential improvement and features compared to its predecessor 4G. To understand how powerful the 5G network is a small example can be cited. Currently, it takes about a minute to download a 1GB movie on your device using 4G which provides an average speed of up to 25 Mbps. With 5G you can download the same movie of 1GB within 5 seconds since its speed averages 200 – 400 Mbps. 5G also has a latency of fewer than 10 milliseconds which is 15 milliseconds lesser than the response time or latency of a human being which is about 25 milliseconds. This means while humans take 25 milliseconds to see and react a 5G device will probably do it half the time. These features make the 5G network 500% faster than the current 4G network.

The high network speed and low latency of 5G networks are all set to revolutionize the world since now we can finally have automated cars, smart homes, and devices that can all be connected and operated from your mobile devices in the most perfect way possible. According to the reports by Qualcomm 5G will also be contributing to the global economy and about 13.1 trillion Dollars’ worth of economic output can be expected as the 5G rollout begins around the globe. This impact is much greater than the impact of previous network generations such as 4G or 3G. 5G network personnel, OEM projects, and content creators can leverage the 5G network which will, in turn, create up to 25 million new jobs.

Arunava Bhattacharya: DNI


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