A house atop a hill- Talabari


If you ever imagined yourself as the “Old man /woman with a House atop a hill.” Then Tilabari of North Bengal is your ideal retreat.
Well, you need not be old to stay at the quaint Hill Retreat of Tilabari, what you need is love for the serene hills. The British had made their Summer Retreat, to escape the scorching summer heat of Calcutta. Over the years, they had built quaint cottages and bungalows on hilltops, that not only offered the serenity but also shady nooks, to be enjoyed at leisure with the snow-capped Kanchenjunga accompanying their stay. Tilabari was one such British find.
A small hill with rows of picturesque colleges and peaceful nature playing its symphony. That’s what Tilabari is all about. Keeping offbeat locations in mind, West Bengal Tourist Development Corporation has started a new tourist complex here, known as Tilabari Tourist Lodge. For those who would wish to avoid crowds of Darjeeling, Kalimpong and Kurseong can safely find Tilabari of Dooars an ideal spot to enjoy some leisure. If you are a nature lover and wish to speak to the whistling oaks, pines, and birches, then take a stroll along the innumerable forest and nature trails around Tilabari.
Tilabari can be a lover’s paradise, it can be an idyllic honeymoon destination too.  Well, for the naturalists this is indeed a treasure trove. So, the next time you wish to stay in a hilltop cottage and write a poem or play the violin or just tread the “Road Not Taken”, just remember Tilabari.


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