A step to curb cheating, infidelity and sex rackets? Google bans Sugar Daddy Apps on PlayStore


Arunava Bhattacharya: DNI; With a change in Play Store policies Google has banned Sugar Daddy Dating Apps or Apps that promote “Compensated Sexual Relationship” from the play store.

Does Google wants your marriage and relationships to work while also acting tough against sex rackets? Google’s ban of Sugar Daddy Dating Apps suggests likewise. In a recent change of Play Store policies Google has banned all Apps that promote the concept of sexual relationships for some sort of compensation. Several Apps that have been catering to this idea and have been available on Google Play Store for quite some time may face ban in the near future.

An expanded Play Store policy also explains what Sugar dating actually refers to from the perspective of Google. While almost no dating apps on the Play Store explicitly mention that aged users of the app would compensate their younger partners, many apps do advertise the wealth of their users on the platform. Google’s new policy addresses this issue by including the following clause – “compensated dating or sexual arrangements where one participant is expected or implied to provide money, gifts, or financial support to another participant (‘sugar dating’).” Google’s new policy comes to an effect when there is growing consensus to curb sex work or prostitution online which is enabled by the 2018 FOSTA-SESTA legislation in US.

It needs to be noted that infidelity has risen during the Covid-19 crisis when stress keeps mounting on couples and their relationships. In research conducted by Kristina Coop Gordon and Erica A Mitchell it has been suggested that the increased stress brought on by the pandemic may be putting couples at an increased risk for experiencing infidelity. Data collected during the pandemic have shown that people across the United States are engaging in behaviors that are associated with a high likelihood of experiencing infidelity. While there is no confirmed reason as to why such a Policy change is happening now and while it may not help curb infidelity it can definitely take a step no matter how minor in curbing the problem of sex rackets and prostitution.


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