Are you being selfish enough?


This might sound cranky but it is good to be a tad bit selfish in a relationship.
Yes, you’re reading it, right women! Let’s be honest, being in a relationship is heck tough, you have to juggle with a lot of unexpected situations. It has always been quite demanding propositions and hardworking too. And on top of that, it seems being generous and caring towards your partner/ boyfriend/ special person is the right kind of itch that every woman carries in their DNA. Women most of the time forget that they have their own needs and desires that should be taken care of at some point in time. Hence, we came up with the need to be a tad bit “selfish” in your relationship. It is not about everything that has to circulate your boyfriend; it is about realizing your desires, wants, and needs and placing them before everything else. – Just get it straight… if you’re not happy you can’t make anyone happy. Just smile and take a deep breath and say ‘I LOVE ME’. Love yourself, lady, you need that.
– Be selfish (or self-centered in this case) and be brave enough to say ‘No’ when you can no longer take anything. What’s wrong is wrong. Be blunt about it, think about yourself for good time’s sake.
– No matter how much your partner earns it doesn’t matter, be selfish enough to realize that being financially stable will give you the feel of being an independent person.
– Go on a movie date with yourself or go for a long drive. De-clutter yourself and release that stress out of your system. We believe you all need ‘Love, life… and me time’!
– We understand not everyone is a photographer, but it’s something nostalgic to view the world from your ones, don’t you feel so?


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