Around the world in 80 days


Amy was practically a fetus when her mom Audrey was in the NCC. Audrey Deepika Meben loved the sky so much that it turned out to be her passion. She and her husband, a former air force officer spend most of the days in flying microlights while her daughter was growing up. As a result, in no time little Amy went straight from crawling to flying aircraft. 19 years later, she has mastered in flying just like her mother.

The best part is the mother-daughter duo are set to become the first mother-daughter duo to fly an aircraft around the world in 80 days. Being a photography student, Amy feels she has experienced something extravagant and thrilling on this journey with her mother. To create awareness on women’s empowerment such initiative was taken. The duo is the first Indian women to take up a microlight expedition (a specially designed aircraft for two-seaters). The aircraft is called ‘Mahi’. The covered 50,000 km, covered 25 countries in 80 days. “The cockpit is not pressurized in a microlight, and it’s going to be very tiring flying continuously,” said Audrey.


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