Author of Astrophysics book at the age of 10???


Whoever said, Kids only play with basics is wrong. Let us introduce you to a boy who is beyond such ‘basic’ games and interests. We know someone interested in Dark Matter, time travelers even the birth of the stars based on Astrophysics then you will relate this to this one. His interest in celestial bodies grew when he was just 5 years old.
Meet Reyansh Das from Kolkata who came up with a whole book on Astrophysics just at the age of 10. The book is titled ‘The Universe: The Past, The Present And The Future. This book talks about the importance of science and astrophysics and it suggests that the stars are maybe older than the universe. Not just that even Big Bang theory states that possibility of multiverse theories, time dilation, and the cycle of the stars, solar system, and even Dark matter.
Research Scholar Nandita Raha commented that Reyansh’s idea about his book and the description of it was crystal and very good. Even Physicists are amazed by his book. Even the book has some rave reviews from readers on Amazon.
Life Beyond Numbers got in touch with Reyansh and his mother Sohini Routh to learn more about the wonder child.
“I would look at the night sky and ask myself- what are those dots of light? How did they form? And why am I here?” Ryan shared.


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