Bankura,Bishnupur’s entire Municipal administrator changed:Why?


DNI Desk Reporter: In addition to major changes at the organizational level of the district, changes were also made in the governing boards of the two municipalities in the district. Divyendu Bandyopadhyay has been removed from the post of chairperson of the Board of Administrators of Bishnupur Municipality. He was replaced by Archita Bid. Archita Bid is the president of Bishnupur Youth Trinamool. Sangeeta Malik was removed from the post and made the Youth Trinamool president. And instead Archita Devi was given the responsibility as the chairperson of the board of Administrators of the municipality. This time the grassroots woman of the relevant big pair nominated the leader for the Bishnupur assembly. The team though he was defeated at Bishnupur. Besides, two persons have been nominated as vice chairpersons in Bishnupur municipality. They are Devjit Kundu and Gautam Goswami.
On the other hand, Dilip Agarwal was dropped from the Bankura Administrative Board in the district headquarters. In Bankura, Aloka Sen Majumder was nominated as the chairperson and Dilip Agarwal and Gautam Das were appointed as the vice chairpersons. This time, Aloka Sen Majumder has been retained as the chairperson of Bankura municipality by the new directive issued by the state’s Urban and Urban Development Department on August 16. And the number of two vice chairpersons has been reduced to one. Although Gautam Das remained in the post, Dilip Agarwal has been cut off. Though this circular has been issued by 16th of august 2021.


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