Beline: Story about mental health or Murder?


Director Samik Roy Choudhury has gifted his audience some award-winning short films like Okiagari, Loner Lost (in)Sanity, and quite a few music videos that grabbed the attention of the audience.
Now, the young director is back with a new storyline, a thriller titled ‘Beline’.
The engaging thriller ‘Beline’ stars Paran Bandopadhyay and Sreya Bhattacharyya and Tathagata in key roles.
Speaking with the director about the storyline and character sketch, Choudhury said, ” The plot revolves around an old, retired, single man who is in his late sixties (Paran Sir). Much like any other senior member of society, this man leads a regular life involving watching TV serials, playing indoor games, sleeping, eating, and sometimes drooling at the housemaid’s curves. Frankly, speaking his life is as boring as it can get. Nothing about his life will turn your head.” Chowdhury later smiled and added, “Then one day his life gets a 360-degree turn. He gets a wrong call from a girl. Yes, a cross-connection. This call becomes his only window to take a peek into the girl and her live-in partner’s life. Now, this call runs for as long as 3 days explaining the struggle between them, chemistry, and their perception.”
Several questions remains, how this man (protagonist of this story) will help to unfold the uncanny mystery? Whether Beline revolves around any murder or deals with mental health?
While the story is by the director himself, the camera will be handled by Supriyo Dutta and Sanglap Bhowmik will edit the film. The release date of the movie is yet to be declared.
The director didn’t clarify whether the movie will be an OTT release or a Friday release.


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