Bespoke Fine Jewelry brand Nornament launches its new showroom in Kolkata

Bespoke Fine Jewelry brand Nornament launches its new showroom in Kolkata

Every jewel depicts the history and Nornament knows how to craft history with authentic jewels. The luxury that Nornament has graced people with for over two decades. Now it has been confirmed that Nornament will arrive in Kolkata in no time. is coming to Kolkata. A creation born from the dream of Sushma Maloo has created a world of affordable luxury in India. Under the piercing eyes of her son, Creative Director Pradhyuman Maloo, the brand launches its new showroom at Kolkata’s iconic district of Elgin Road, and a celebration of authenticity has found its perfect home in the City of Joy.

In anticipation of the launch, Nornament Founder, Sushma Maloo says, “We are thrilled to finally open in Kolkata. Each piece of jewelry has a story to tell, and we have endeavored to bring our design narrative, to the customer, in the most honest way possible.”

Adding to this, Pradhyuman Maloo, Creative Director, Nornament says, “We wanted to create more than a showroom, and the new store lends itself as an unparalleled experience. It is as much about how a woman feels as how she looks, and I wanted every detail of the ambiance to take that into account.” Nornament has grown big over the years with their hard work and they have inspired humans all over the world with their design. Every jewel that comes from this abode explores the emotions and vibrant personalities of the humans of our world.


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