Debunk the Myths!


We all have grown up believing certain old health tips. Not just Indian Mothers, but mothers all over the world also make sure we get to know a few tips about health and hygiene without letting us know the valid reasons behind them.

Few habits we all incur, which our Mom, our Granny forced us to believe or even any health magazine made us believe. Trash all that.!! It’s time for you to know the truth behind them.

We bring you such 4 old myths or believing which are NOT TRUE.

DRINK 8 GLASSES OF WATER REGULARLY: No, certainly not. Often told by elders that we must consume eight glasses of water. The truth behind such a statement is consuming 8 glasses of water depends entirely on weather condition and physical activities. Therefore, the age-old theory is totally wrong.
AN APPLE A DAY KEEPS THE DOCTOR AWAY: Apple and health go hand in hand. This is an old rusty myth which you still believe. Apples are healthy but when a very popular axiom was coined, that moment apple was described as “round fruit” and even stated it is healthy still won’t keep the doctor away if you’re not immune.
MINIMUM of 8 HOURS OF SLEEP MANDATORY: Not every saying has logic similarly not every theory about heath is correct when it comes to the health-related issue. Several articles about sleeping for 8 hours have been published in every website once. But what about the fact behind it? Sleep varies from person to person. There are people who sleep just for 4 hours and still wake up fresh the next morning and others may take 10 long hours to revitalize the body. Google has a term form such heavy sleepers, it is called “Hypersomnia”. Therefore, figure out what sort of sleeper are you?
SANITIZERS WILL KEEP YOU EXTRA CLEAN: Trash that thought. Sanitizers never kill any extra gems. Rubbing your hands with any sanitizer cleans your hand as much as any soap bar does. Nothing more or less.


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