Entertainment Industry and Friends distance themselves from Shilpa Shetty


As her husband Raj Kundra’s troubles are seen to mount, the Bollywood industry seems too distant from Shilpa Shetty. This is not a hidden statement that the Indian entertainment industry is notorious for its self-centred attitude. Not a single person from Bollywood has come forward to express even a semblance of solidarity for Shilpa. The girl hail from amchi Mumbai and has been in the industry for almost 30 years. No doubt she has always been known as a good friend to many Bollywood denizens. Not a single person came forward to check on her. A close source said, no one from among her good friends who she uses to consider in the industry as they didn’t want to reveal their name said,  just check her party photos and social media images to know who she hung around with, not bothered to give an obligatory call to let her know that she is not alone in this fight or even ask about ber children.
An actor from a film family tells me, “This (the adult-content scandal) is too sleazy. It’s not like a routine controversy. No one wants to be seen anywhere near to this.”
She added, “You can’t have friends in this film industry. Over here you are, friends, only as long as you are working together. Once the working relationship ends, all other considerations automatically expire. Your family and a few trusted friends from outside the film industry are all one has.”
It seems Shilpa is sailing in an ocean with no hope or even support from anyone.


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