Famous fitness trainer Guru Mann’s debut song “Life is Tough” is creating a buzz in the music Industry


Guru Maan, who is popular among Bollywood and youth for his fitness knowledge, is now making a splash on social media with his first song.
This song is very special for many reasons, due to which the number of likes on the song is increasing rapidly within a few hours of the release of the song.
Guru Maan’s debut song, popular in Bollywood industry and youth because of his fitness knowledge, is very special as it inspires youth to pursue their dreams. Singer and fitness guru Maan after the success of his song “Life is Tough”. Giving its reaction, has said, ” this song teaches the youth to move forward firmly behind their dreams. Also there is a message for the whole society that if you are capable then no obstacle can stop you from reaching success.”
The is song has been written and sung by singer Guru Mann. The music of the song is composed by Michael Fox. The song has Guru Maan himself as the lead actor. The song is directed by Rubel GTR.


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