Few ways how Education can be interesting

Few ways how Education can be interesting

Covid-19 has affected our lives in many more ways than we can imagine. It changed the way we see the world. While the nationwide lockdown is gradually easing, there is a long way to go back to ‘normalcy. Navigating education in these changing times can seem daunting and can be quite challenging for students all over the world. Children should be in the classroom rather than staying back at home gawking at the screen of their tab/phone/tv or computer.
Here are a few things parents and students can do to help create the right learning environment and make the most of their time at home. # Set up camp, create your “study zone”. This special area of the house should be for studies. It should be free from any clutter, comfortable enough to study. Not to forget decorate it with motivational quotes. # Take up a challenge, strengthen your concepts. Personal time and space are a must and parents know it by now. Teach them to accept difficulties. # Watch videos, learn smarter.  Did you know that visuals are processed 60,000 times faster by your brain than text? Videos are more effective than anything else. It helps to learn, understand and remember better. # Create a routine and stick to it. Creating a routine is a must. Consistent and disciplined learners are at their best. Time-table and allocating time about the study, screen timing, sleeping, activities are important. Yes, the coronavirus might have created havoc in our life. But that doesn’t mean that learning should face the same fate. Does it? So make the best use of it.


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