Hearing of primary teachers, of the wrong case is being held on August 20


DNI Stuff Reporter: Friday, August 20, the important question in the recruitment of primary teachers was the hearing of the wrong case. Although the hearing is not being held that day. The Calcutta High Court is closed for 7 days due to Muharram holiday. As a result, the hearing of the High Court 2014 question wrong case is being postponed again.

On December 23, 2020, the Board announced the recruitment of 16,500 primary teachers. The next day, he filed a case in the Calcutta High Court challenging the notification.

He claimed that 6 questions in 2014 TET were wrong. All the candidates who have tried or are trying to answer those questions have to give full marks to the board. If they get on the merit list as a result of number 6, then the board will have to give jobs to those job candidates. ‘After that, several thousand more job candidates got involved in this case. Although the case is scheduled to go to court on Friday, August 20, it is being postponed due to holidays.


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