Hope amidst Heartbreak – Aditi Ashok’s feat in the Olympics heralds a new Chapter in Indian Golf

Hope amidst Heartbreak - Aditi Ashok’s feat in the Olympics heralds a new Chapter in Indian Golf

Arunava Bhattacharya, DNI: Aditi Ashok who narrowly missed Bronze at the Tokyo Olympics has raised hopes and renewed interest in Golf, a sport that is mostly considered elite and was followed by a handful in the country until now.

Aditi Ashok missed the bronze by inches in the Tokyo Olympics event of Women’s Individual stroke play or Golf. She lost to Lydia Ko from New Zealand and ended up being placed fourth in the competition. Aditi needed a last minute birdie in the 72nd hole in the bronze play off against Lydia Ko which didn’t happen as planned as Lydia scored a par on her 18th sealing the bronze for herself and competing against Japan’s Inami Mone for the silver.

Aditi’s feat is a big achievement for her individually as well as India in general. World ranking wise Aditi stands at 200 and can be considered a novice compared to Lydia whose current world ranking is 11. Thus the event that unfolded at the Kasumigaseki Country Club is nothing short of a David Vs. Goliath fight. Despite the odds against Aditi and her missing bronze by inches is still raising hopes and renewed interest for Golf in India.

Aditi comes from Bangalore and had started playing Golf from when she was merely 5 years old. Aditi’s father served as her Caddie in the 2016 Rio Olympics while her mother Maheshwari served as her caddie in the current 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Aditi is also the youngest and the first Indian winner of a Q School or the Qualifying School of Golf for an international tour.

Aditi’s achievement at the Olympics has raised new hopes for Golf in India, a country where it is mostly considered to be an elitist sport and followed by only a handful. The entire country came to celebrate Aditi’s feat as the #AditiAshok went trending. It remains to be seen if India can bank on this success to train even more men and women in Golf and truly emerge as a powerhouse for the sport in future.


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