How fake train driver, working in Sealdah Branch for 5 years?


Kolkata: Fake IAS, IPS, doctors, police officers, fake army now fake Train driver’s Not one, but pair ! The two were working on the railway identity card. Railway police arrested the two at Erode station in Salem Division of Tamil Nadu. The arrested are Sahel Singh and Israfil Singh.
One ticket examiner became suspicious when he saw the ticket cut showing the railway pass. After that, the whole matter came to light only after detaining and interrogating them. The two were arrested at Erode station in Salem division of Tamil Nadu. The question is, how did these bogus train drivers work day after day for five years?
This fake drivers joined the Sealdah branch of the Eastern Railway in 2016 by showing fake documents. Railway officials never suspected the two train drivers with the rank of Assistant Loco Pilot. They have been working for five long years Despite the claims of the railway authorities, the detainees were employed under false pretenses. Their job appointment letter is also fake as per Railway source.
Those fake drivers will be brought to Calcutta for investigation. It is suspected that a senior railway official may have been involved in the scam. Who or what is involved in this fraud is being investigated. Investigators will also look into whether any other fake drivers or such are working in this way or not?


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