I am Running All Different Sort Of Resources To Aware People About Cyber Security: Bivas Chatterjee


Special Public Prosecutor in Cyber Law & Electronic Evidence, BITCOIN CERTIFIED, Bivas Chatterjee, has informed that through social media platforms as people are most into it Bivas runs all possible way to reach to common people and also aware about cybercrime. . While answering the questions Chatterjee said, “I aware people about cybersecurity through Social Media Platform, Since 2015 I am running all different sorts of resources to aware people in all languages English, Hindi, and Bengali.”

“I have my own YouTube Channel on my name Bivas Chatterjee where people can see near 60 videos that show how to be aware, and how to be safe against Cybercrime. What a person can do if he or she becomes a victim, where and how you can file a complaint, how a cybercrime investigation has been created. These all information anyone can get from my Youtube channel and the good news is that people regularly read and view those videos. The biggest achievement is that more than 2.5 Lakhs people have already visited,” said Bivas Chatterjee.

Furthermore, Chatterjee added “During last year’s pandemic, I have made eleven mobile applications on that platform completely in the Bengali language that is also translatable. All the apps available in the android play store It is also. I have a more popular app that is Cyberlaw in Hindi till date more than 7,000 people downloaded my app, and people even read every information that available in the app such as cyber law or cyber terrorism.”

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