Know which is the best place for street photography in Kolkata…!


The streets of Kolkata radiate the bizarre yet soothing amalgamation of ancient structure and modern society and this is the perfect reason which makes the city of Joy a paradise for Photographers.
Every nook and corner of the street in an older part of Kolkata is picture-worthy. The old streets of Kolkata have thousands of stories to depict and these streets are mesmerizing. Speaking of street photography that is done with some modern graffiti, some ancient structures and lots of lively people and we are sure you will such apt place in the streets of Kolkata.
If you’re a camera-lover and carry your DSLR everyone then we can assure you these streets are the perfect place for your camera lenses. So never stop shooting and keep capturing the real essence of Calcutta.
– Park Street: This place is booming with Pubs, cafes and High-end showrooms, and many more. It is one of those streets which received constant renovations and is best for STREET Photography.
– Mallick Ghat Flower market: This is one of my personal favorites, Mallick Ghat is the largest flower market in Kolkata and you will run off battery and memory at this place.
– College Street: The Kingdom of second-hand books, the 1.5 Km trail of books won’t disappoint you. This place is the hub of old books and you won’t go home empty-handed.
– Sudder street: This place is notorious for sales of all kinds of illegal drugs and stuff. Not to forget this place is one of the best locations for shutterbugs. This place is old still classy as red wine.


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