Know why Kolkata is the Ex whom we can’t forget


This city should be compared to other metropolitan cities like Delhi, Mumbai, cities from abroad or any other mesmerizing place in the world for its rich past and mix of culture. Ever since the Suez Canal was built in 1869, boosting trade in Bombay (now Mumbai), people believe that this city is a gem.
And they were right! Even today’s Kolkata can evoke Havana Beauty. The city of Joy have the state of luxury and the reality.

Undoubtedly, time stands still in Kolkata. It does bring back nostalgia while we walk down the lanes. The city has time to spend, to cherish and to be in love even when you leave the place. It is more like the Ex we can’t forget.

We have listed down things that keep our love alive for this city.

1. College Street: The mecca of book lovers! Each corner of the street has a story to tell.
2. Because street food is what our lips crave for. We are sure the Puchkas will make you forget the Panipuri and Gol Gappes you ever had in other cities.
3. Because history here is charming. Every street you turn holds something new for you.
4. Because this city has the cheapest transport. The trams are slow and will take you back in time. And how can we forget about the Yellow Taxis?
5. Because Chai is an emotion, not just a morning breakfast. It’s a ritual to sip tea and read newspaper.

6. Because ‘Calcutta ka charm, hi kutch alag hai, babu’ is slightly different from ‘Kabhi Delhi aao, ghumanege pura’.
Kolkata is more than what we can imagine. I guess every city is. Every state holds their own charm and charisma. But no doubt whenever a movie is made and kolkata is the focus point, it stands tall and remind us- Bhul karegi bhi bhool nahi paoge hume!


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