Koninika and Indrajit paired for the first time

Koninika and Indrajit paired for the first time

Writer Sahana Dutta is ready to present her first serial production with Koninika Bandyopadhyay and Inderjit Chakraborty.
This is Koninika’s comeback after becoming a mother of a baby girl. The beautiful actress was last seen four years ago in ‘Andarmahal’ serial which gained popularity in Zee Bangla. Ok the other hand, Indrajit was not seen in any lead roles after ‘Nakshikantha’. These two actors will be seen paired up for the first time as husband and wife in the serial.
The storyline of this daily soap will start with the marriage of their son which is quite uncommon based on the serial structure or any storyline placed by the channels. Regarding the reason for saying yes to such a proposal, Indrajith said, “I have agreed to do something new out of the box. Towards the end of ‘Deep Jwale Jai’, I played the role of the father of a five-year-old child. This time in the series, my child is older.”
On the other hand, Koninika said, “It’s very stressful to leave my two-year-old daughter and do the serial,” she said. But I have completely relied on Sahanadi and agreed. ”It has been heard that the series will catch two generations. The name has not been finalized yet, but the working title is ‘Aye tobe sohochori’, said Abira Majumder who is in charge of shooting the promo. The shooting of the serial will start at the end of the month.


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