Love-hate relationship of ‘Roja & Ribbhu’ in the serial ‘Roja’


Roja and Ribbhu’s story is a bit different than anyone else. They have a love-hate relationship but fate has something else stored for them.
Recently, a press conference was held for the serial ‘Roja’ which is aired on the Enterr10 Bangla channel. The cast and crew were present at the event.
Speaking about Roja (Protagonist of the serial) played by Piya Debnath is a stubborn girl who is pampered with luxury yet feels the void of her parents’ love. On the other hand, Somujjal (Ribbhu) played by Arnab Choudhary’s family showcase the subtleness, getting together in every situation, a joint family. Both the families have many things in common which will be revealed later as the story unfolds every night at 8:30 pm at Enterr10 Bangla. One common thing which catches the eye is the nack for traditional dancing and Rabindra Sangeet. The storyline is written by ace writer Leena Gangopadhyay.
The question remains, how an arrogant girl will fall for a simple boy who has developed a love-hate relationship with each other. Speaking with Arnab and Piya, they said, “This story has some subtleness towards it. The audience will grow likeness as the story unfolds each time.” The new serial give a chance to each actor to portray a role which they have never played on screen. Speaking with actors Rajasree Bhowmik and Rahul Chakroborty who played parents of Arnab (Somujjal/Ribbhu) in the serial said, “The storyline will catch the audience eye. Leena di never fails to bring the simplicity of a character that can connect to the audience. We are friends for a long time but in this serial ‘Roja’ we are Somujjal’s parents and just like any other parents we are simple and easy going just like any other boy’s maa and baba.”
The serial will get the best of audiences without any doubt. ‘Roja’ is on air from 19th of September, 2021 (Sunday) at Enterr10 Bangla channel.


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