Mimi: Foreign couple who don’t want ‘foetus’ which they ordered


Mimi’- a four-letter word filled with emotion, fun, a dose of reality.
When you hear “And this time I can tell you, I’ve had so much fun. It’s a film about child surrogacy. But it doesn’t take itself too seriously. There is no lecturebaazi on morality. It just moves to its rhythm. Mujhe bada maza aaya is film me kaam karke,” Pankaj Tripathi’s voice, no doubt you will smile and think ‘now this one will be a jabraku one’.
The super-versatile self-effacing and insanely humble actor Pankaj Tripathi last seen in Kaagaz playing a man who is declared dead by the government trying to prove he is alive, is back in Mimi. We are more than happy with the
Dead-turn-returning of Pankaj Tripathi. Not to forget his pretty co-star. Meet Kriti’s character who is an educated well-read articulate actress. She is not an airhead.
The interesting part of the movie is, the last word on surrogacy, parenthood, and motherhood in Mimi did not come from the herein or her family. It comes from the white American woman who traveled to India for a surrogate babe. As the story goes by Kriti Sanon plays Mimi Mansingh Rathore, a stage dancer in Bikaner who dreams of a Bollywood career. But the way for Bollywood is an expensive ride. She needs 5lakhs for the Dabboo Ratnani shoot for her portfolio. Mimi agrees to be a surrogate mother for Summer (Evelyn Edwards) and John (Aidan Whytock), an American couple shopping in India for a healthy young woman to bear their child for them. But things go wrong when they don’t want the foetus which they ordered.


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