More Metro on weekends


The city of Kolkata is being transformed before Pujo. People’s travel has also increased. The number of metros is also being increased so that there is no crowd in Corona situation. The number of metro increased on Saturday and Sunday. Metrorail authorities have decided to run 214 metros on Saturday. It is learned that 120 metros will run on Sunday.
It has been decided to run 36 additional metros on Saturday. On Sunday, 4 additional metros will run.
So far, 16 additional metros have been running on Saturdays. The Metro will run from the morning of September 25 at 2148 (106 T up and 106 T). Out of these 2148, 151 metros (75 up and 75 down) will run between poet Subhash and Dakshineswar.
For the time being, there will be no change in the case of East-West Metro. However, tokens won’t be allowed still due to the covid situation. However, the Metro Rail Authority has instructed to maintain the covid rules while traveling on the Metro.


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