NASA congratulates ‘Blue Origin’ team for their first human flight to space


Dhiraj Das,DNI: On Tuesday, 21 July, NASA congratulated the ‘Blue Origin’ team for their successful space travel. Jeff Bezos and his 3 team members were carried by that rocket capsule. Among them, a teenager named Oliver Daemen was the youngest and 82-year-old Wally Funk was the oldest person to go to space made a record.

NASA congratulate Jeff Bazos and his Blue Origin team for the successful space voyage. And, it said they were looking forward to working with Blue Origin. And, their future flights with NASA’s researchers and the technologies.

“🎉🚀Congratulations to the @BlueOrigin team on the first human flight of #NewShepard! We look forward to future flights with researchers and NASA-supported technology payloads aboard.” – – NASA’s tweet.


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