New feature to roll out in Whatsapp


We all face the image quality problem when you’re on a video call? I you’re As per Mashable India, new feature to add in WhatsApp. It is to be heard that the feature is currently development by the platform. This new feature is said to be report under the beta testing users. To make the video quality settings more clear, they are working to get it fixed. More videos can be sent under the best quality available. Whatsapp is working on the same setting so that the best quality will be available when you will be sending videos and video snaps.
However, no such feature is available on whatsapp, currently video quality is in limit. These include ‘auto (recommended)’ that “detects the best compression algorithm for specific images”, ‘best quality’ that “sends the image using the best quality available”, and ‘data saver’ “where compression is enabled when Data saver is enabled in your Android settings”.
Not just Android, even iOS users will be able to get the same preview ok large links.


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