New storyline in the making: Antidote


Raktim Chatterjee presents ‘Antidote’, the story of a cop and father, who fights a biological warfare in order to heal his son from the attack of a lethal virus in the post-Covid world. He teams up with a young microbiologist in search of an antidote, as they navigate through the dangerous machinations of the corrupt pharmaceutical mafias to stop its spread.
The film is produced by Raktim Chatterjee’s Nexgen Ventures and Roadshow Films. Raktim is a new age entrepreneur with several tech startups under his name. His collaboration in this film with Roadshow is the first among a slate of films yet to be produced. The film will be directed by Parambrata Chattopadhyay, and will have Ankush Hazra and Subhashree Ganguly playing pivotal roles. After experimenting with a plethora of genres like social drama in Sonar Pahar, biopic in Abhijaan and science fiction in Bony, Parambrata is excited to lend his unique directorial vision to an edge-of-the-seat thriller. He will also be playing a rather intriguing character in the film.
The story has been conceptualised and developed by Parambrata’s long time creative and business partner, Aritra Sen. Aritra is the creator of thrillers like Kaali, Kaali 2, Mafia, Sharate Aaj, Nokol Heere- web shows that have carved their own niche in the genre. Undoubtedly, it will be a treat to watch this magic unfold on screen, once it hits the theatres in what one can only hope to be a Covid-free world!


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