‘Nishachor’ and the story lies beneath!


Actor Om Sahani will be stepping into the world of web series for the first time. As the storyline goes this web series is a journey of love filled with mystery thrills. The movie ‘Nishachor’ will be debut directed by actor Subrata Guha Roy.
The shooting of this series will start in the first week of next month. Apart from Om Sahani, tele-actress Uashi Roy will play an important role.
In a press conference, the story did unfold as it says Raya lives in a mountainous environment. She loves to watch movies related to Dracula. Things start to change constantly and at times characters get killed. One after another started everyone gets killed.
At some point, these murders somehow get related to Raya and her life. Enters another character, Anshuman who is in charge of the investigation. Based on a hunch he feels and later blames Raya for all these murders. On the other hand, in the middle of the investigation, Anshuman and Raya became emotionally close to each other.
Does the question remain Which way will the investigation turn? Who is the killer? The story will revolve around the consequences of their love in this series. The web series will release on the Digiplex OTT platform and produced by Maliha Communications. Apart from Om and Ushasi, Sandeep Bhattacharya, Tarang Sarkar, and others will be seen in the series.


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