Nusrat Jahan slammed for Contraceptive pill advertisement


Actress Nusrat Jahan has been promoting a popular contraceptive drug company for several months and this matter created a major issue.
Things were not this much unsettling even when everyone came to know that, MP-actress became pregnant. Ever since Nikhil Jain’s issue came infront, the Netizens have started attacking Nusrat in groups. Even the starts didn’t left it alone. Actor-director Mir Afsar Ali also joked about Nusrat-Nikhil’s ‘marriage-cohabitation’ debate. Someone threatened, ‘Such girls should be expelled from the country’. Trinamool MP Nusrat and BJP member Yash’s child will be named ‘BJMul’- as trollers on net stating such rukus. Some people used the topic of contraceptives and said, ‘If you used it, today would not be the day.’
Many people have asked question after question to the actress to know her father’s identity. One netizen wrote, ‘Aren’t you really ashamed? He got along with a simple boy. Later, she pretended to be married to him and took his money. Now he says, you are not married! God! Honestly Nusrat, I used to support you a lot, but I have nothing to say to you after this.’ Actress Sravanti Chatterjee’s personal life was also discussed in the comment box. Nusrat was mocked by several netizens as ‘the second version of Sravanti’.


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